Sunday, July 19, 2009

Primal Warfare: Before there were swords there were stones; before there were stones, there were...bananas.

Every family or group of friends has their “private jokes,” or “private stories.” Today, I make one of my stories public.

I was perhaps three-years old, barely out of diapers, and able to talk. My brother, Jon, was three years my senior, and our neighbor, George, as about three years older than my brother.

I had just come out of the house with a ready snack, a Chiquita® Banana, in my hand. I have no recollection of the background of the event I would come to witness, but that is beside the point. My brother and George were suddenly in an all out fisticuff. In no time, the nine-year-old George sat on my brother's chest, throwing his fists into my brother's face. I didn't understand much at three years old, but I did understand that my brother was not in a good position, and I was angered and afraid for him. One may say the situation elicited a primal call to action.

The only weapon I could think of was already in my hand. I screamed the primal scream, "Leave my brudder alone!" Without hesitation, I swung that deadly banana into George's skull. Much to my utter surprise, the fight stopped immediately. George fell off of my brother, fully involved along with my brother in hysterical laughter. Still laughing, they shook hands and became friends as quickly as they had become enemies.

If you should hear some veiled reference to my choice of weapons and a banana, you now know what it is all about.

Be Peace. Be Love.

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