Sunday, July 5, 2009

Reality Revisited

In my last post, I talked about learning to love myself.

I don't make sense, do I?

Not even to myself!

Look at my posts. How many times have I told you that God has demonstrated His love to me over and over again.

I honestly and absolutely believe it!

Then logically, how can I dare to say that God is wrong about His love for me.

Well, isn't that strange? If God is the All-knowing, then He can't be wrong, and I don't believe I am lovable, then I must be wrong about God's love for me. Right?

No! That is totally illogical if we understand that God is love. If God is love, then He accepts me as I am, unconditionally. He loves me.

So, logically, I must love myself, or be against God.

It doesn't work that way, does it?

We humans are capable of such great inconsistency. We are totally comfortable with saying what is logical, but accepting that which is not. We do, to a large degree, create our own reality.

This is where we run into trouble.

Is it safe to say, as say the Buddhists and Kaballists, that the only reality is God and spirit? All else is an illusion. When we bring our illusion into agreement with reality, this is when we can live without contradiction and be totally comfortable with what and who we are.

That, dear friend, is so hard to do after 63 years of believing the illusion.

It is said that we shall live any number of lives necessary to bring us to that point when our perception of reality is in agreement with Divine reality. Then we no longer have to re-incarnate. Our learning is over. We have arrived.

A few years ago, I read two very important books by Ms. Ann Albers. Ms. Albers had her B.S. in electrical engineering and went to work for a company subcontracted under Honeywell to develop the software for the cockpit of the Boeing 777 aircraft. She was almost immediately made a supervisor and put in charge of the group responsible for getting the software completed, tested and integrated with all the systems of the entire aircraft.

Even though Ms. Albers was not a religious person, she seemed none-the-less open to spiritual leading. Through the years on that project the Spirit began to work with her.

By the time the project was completed, and new and more lucrative and prestigious positions were offered to her, she left them all to follow the call of her Spirit.
She too, had to learn to love herself. She had to work past all of those internal voices that tell us we can't love ourselves. Her story and her books are inspirational to me.

A conversation with a friend last night brought me back to her books. As I scanned the pages for some very specific information, I realized how much more her experience is relevant to my current situation. I am going to read them again to revisit the wisdom that escaped me on the first reading.

Here is some of that wisdom from Whispers of the Spirit:

I knew more clearly than ever before that my work at Honeywell was nearing completion. My work with Ariel was changing too, as I started to really understand what she had been saying about being a “higher” part of the “One.” I saw her now as an angelic being who, unlike me, had never forgotten the power of living with in the sacred circle of life. In one sense, I felt a loss as I realized her wisdom was in some way not new, but something that had always buried deep within me. The feeling of loss was soon replaced by a sense of homecoming as I realized I had regained conscious access to the wisdom of my soul. I had discovered, at long last, the whispers from within. Ann Albers, Whispers of the Spirit P174

I think two things, now. I have had that type of epiphany many times in life, and have been so grateful for them. Secondly, this passage makes so much more sense to me now than it did a year or two ago because I had not learned what I needed to know that would allow complete understanding of the passage. I'm sure that I will learn much more from the second reading of this book, and her book, Love Is the River.

What about the book by the Dalai Lama I have been reading? Well, how “coincidental” that I should be reading how to expand love around me, as I am also learning how I must learn to love myself, as well. Again, God affirms His love for me in the way He has brought me to this point. I am humbled, but at the same time, feel so privileged to be in the immediate care and guidance of the most high God.

By the way, I heard a man on the radio the other night say, “Coincidence is God working anonymously.”

How true.

Oh, how true.

Be Peace. Be Love.

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