Saturday, June 13, 2009

Death: The Servant Of The Most High God

Have you ever had a strange, but very profound dream? One that actually has had an impact on your life outlook? Actually, one should consider all dreams in that manner. According to Rodger Kamenetz, every dream you have is your subconscious trying to alert you, or reveal something to you that you need to know and take to heart. Take a look at his book, The History of Last Night's Dream. Mr. Kamenetz has a very easy going, easy to understand writing style that will keep you glued to the book.

OK, here's a dream for you to ponder. I had it when I was about 17 years old, shortly after I had converted to Roman Catholicism.

The scene was a picnic event in a park near a swollen river. My sister wandered too close to the river and fell in, quickly disappearing as the rapidly moving water pulled her under and away. My mother quickly responded by wading into the river until the current grabbed her. The last I saw of her was her head still above the water, disappeared under tree branches hanging into the water near a bend in the river. I jumped in and for some reason was able to keep my head above water, but my body was completely at the mercy of the currents.

Suddenly, I felt a slimy, cold hand grab my ankle, then my leg, and then, suddenly, cold slimy hands on each shoulder, and staring me in the face was a woman in a deep purple, hooded wet robe with slimy algae dangling from her shoulders and tangled in her long coal black hair. Her eyes were cold deep purple; her face, pail white with skin peeling off from the rot of death. Her continence cold as steel.

At first I was horrified, but suddenly realized there is nothing I face that does not have the hand and the approval of God in it. I spoke with a new found boldness. “Lady Death, you are but a servant of the Most High God. I do not fear you. If the Lord has sent you to take me to Him, then let's go.”

A smile grew on the lady's continence and suddenly the oozing dead flesh on her hands and face turned to healthy pink flesh, her eyes sparkled with loving delight, her face shined; the slimy moss on her robe disappeared and she arose fully out of the water, with the robe dry and flowing in the wind. She gently and lovingly pulled me out of the water and spoke softly, “Come, then. The Lord calls.”

The dream ended there.

Since that dream, I am fully convinced that Death is nothing to fear.

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