Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Different Paths, Different Journeys

I have always wanted to travel out of the body. Some people call it astral projection. That is, my spirit wants to leave the body and explore. It's not so much for the sake of travel, but I want to learn more about who I am.

Common to many of the out of body travelers is that it starts with a strange and very frightening loud vibration and a sinking feeling where you actually feel like you are dying. I have experienced that state many, many times, and I always try to brave it out and see it to the end. It's like playing chicken and I turned off at the last minute. I've never made it into the astral plane, at least, not that I am aware.

Tonight I have been listening to an interview with one of those astral travelers, Marilyn Hughes. Her perspective is unique in a number of ways that many other travelers do not share. One of them is that she feels that if one is a traveler, he/she does become exposed to situations that can result in spiritual injury. The biggest danger, she feels, that if you are not protected , you may pick up spiritual hitchhikers, or “demonic attachments” that will cause you grief. Other well known astral travelers (Robert Monroe, William Buhlman) mention the lower realms, and that the spirits in these realms may try to attack, but that you always have control and that you have no reason to fear their attacks.

Well, I have been trying to do OBE's for at least five years, unsuccessfully. Now that I know the entry signs for OBE's I have not had them, EXCEPT, lately, on two occasions, I have felt the vibrations coming on, and my dog, Maisie (Tibetan Terrier), immediately jumped on top of me as if she did not want me to get up. Of course, her body on top of me immediately interrupts the process. That leads me to believe that my spirit guides do not want me to travel in the astral planes for some reason.

Marilyn Hughes talked about that and has given me an answer that my intuition seems to have been hinting at. She says that we are allowed to take paths as planned by God. She says that in one of her travels, she went into pure white light where she learned that all of the “good works” she had performed in her life were selfishly motivated. You know what? I learned that about myself in a series of meditations. It is very humbling, and I am thankful that that information has been revealed to me. Perhaps, my psyche is such that if I were able to astral project, I would suffer a higher degree of pride, rather than humility. Perhaps, that pride is such that it would open me to the attacks from the spirits of the lower realms. I don't know the reasons for the restrictions on my astral travels, but my intuition tells me that I am on the right path as designed for me. I am thankful for that. Not only am I thankful, but I have a new found respect for the spiritual level of those that are privileged to travel the astral planes. It is my hope that someday, I will have the spiritual maturity to do the same.

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