Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Truth Is Out There

I believe you, Fox. And yes, there is a world conspiracy to hide the truth. It's not just governments that seek to keep Foxes and Tigers ignorant. It is your narrow-minded neighbor; it is your educational system; it is your science organizations; and I am afraid, it is those self-proclaimed bastions of truth who are the most fervent in obstructing the truth.

Are there really extraterrestrial beings, Fox? Heck, I don't know! I suspect there are. But you know what? That is only one question. There are many others that no one can answer. Many have tried. I dare say that most who have tried to answer questions are far wiser and smarter than I can imagine.

Let's get it straight up front, right now. I am a seeker, not a know-er. You have heard of theoretical physicists? (Michio Kaku is my favorite. I can almost understand him.) Well, I'm just theoretical. I theorize anything. I have to. Reality is relative. We experience reality in such different ways that one cannot say with absolute certainty that we share the same reality.

Oh, there are those that try to tell you they have a grasp on reality. They are convinced, and some of them militant about it. But they, too, shall pass. So, it is, I exist in accordance with my understanding of my reality. I am a seeker. I am nothing more. I prowl the jungles of thought - my thought, maybe your thought. I look for morsels that will nourish my truth famished mind. And maybe someday, in a far away time, I might smile and say, "Gosh, I finally know something!" Yes, even tigers want to know truth.


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