Wednesday, April 29, 2009

DeHomely Tigerpaw started as a joke.

Who is this strange caped tiger, anyway?
Actually, DeHomely Tigerpaw started out as a joke in Second Life, a virtual reality medium for a lot of different folks. My wife and step-daughter were very active in one of the islands called “Dreams.” I eventually jumped in to Second Life out of curiosity because my wife and step-daughter had basically forgotten about their first life, and talked only about the events and people of Second Life.

We all came to know and like a fellow by the name of DeNifty Tigerpaw. Over supper one evening, my warped little mind played with the name, DeNifty. Well, “nifty” means “cool, cute, useful, or is a general reference to things that are perceived to be “good,” as in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – the great cowboy flick. I played some more. What if..., what if we formed a Tigerpaw family with variants of “good”, “bad” and “ugly”. Then was born the Tigerpaw family, DeNifty (the good), DeNasty (the bad) and DeHomely (the ugly). My wife decided she would be, DeCoy Tigerpaw. It was a very nice play on words on her part. We liked it and made it part of the Tigerpaw family, as well.

I never planned on using that avatar more than one evening just to pull off the joke, but DeHomely took on a character of its own, much like characters in a fictional novel, and I liked it. My original avatar sits somewhere in the Linden Lab data dungeon, surely contemplating the darkness of abandonment. Yeah, I get him out off and on when there is a need, but … he is just not that fun.

Speaking of reality, Second Life is a wonderful introduction to psychology, philosophy, and theoretical physics that examine multi-verses and alternative dimensions and realities. It maybe defined as a powerful implementation and integration of many technologies, but in the end, Second Life IS another reality. It is the stuff that people who astral-project see on a regular basis. Robert Monroe, the founder of Monroe Institute, would have a much easier time explaining his adventures, had Second Life been around when he was writing his books.

Check out Second Life when you get the chance. Look me up when you get there and I'll find someone to show you around. (I'm a lousy tour guide.)

I did say that DeHomely started out as a joke, didn't I? Perhaps I still am a joke. It's your reality, do with it what you will.

Be Peace. Be Love.

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