Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Journey – Breaking the Cycle, Part 5

May 3, 2014, 2014
Day 12 of South Beach Phase 1
Starting weight (4/23/2013): 195
Today’s Weight:  188
Loss/Gain (since start):  -7
Breakfast: Canadian bacon, Feta cheese, Parsley, and onions in scrambled eggs.
Snacks:  cucumbers.

Tradition -- I'm the Man. This Is MY Castle May 01, 2014 6:27am

We learn many traditions as children.  We are not aware of it.  We just accept it as matter of fact.  That's the way it is.

In a household that is traditional American Christian, the man in the marriage is the head of the house.  That gets implemented in varying degrees.  This is a partial list of the “traditional” head of household man as I understood it growing up:
The man is responsible for the income.
The man takes care of the lawn.
The man takes care of the farm animals.
The man washes the car.
The man does the barbecue.
The man paints the house
The man is in charge of any project requiring tools and gadgets (because, tongue in cheek,  men innately understand tools and gadgets).
The man is responsible for all financial planning and controls the budget.
The man is responsible for paying the bills.
The man controls the household schedule.  All activity must be approved by the man.
The man's projects all take precedence over any and all other projects.
The man inspects and certifies all operations in the household and may demand they be done over if he is not satisfied with how they are done.
The man ensures the safety of the household and family with any resource available.
The man may delegate his responsibilities and supervises all projects he delegates.

The Woman is second in command if there are children.  Otherwise, the woman has no power, just chores and duties.
Chores and duties for the woman of the house, as I understood it:
The woman cleans everything in the house, from floor to ceiling, from walls to windows, from lamps to ceiling lights, from tables to chairs, from carpets to beds, from clothes to refrigerators and stoves.
The woman cooks all meals and prepares a sack lunch for the man to eat at work.
The woman washes all dishes used in making the meals, eating the meals, and anything dirty from snacks.
The woman makes sure the kids are dressed, fed, and shuttled off to school with lunch bag or lunch money.
The woman attends all teacher/parent conferences.
The woman prepares meals for announced and unannounced guests.
The woman feeds the dogs and cats.
At the main meal of the day, the woman waits on the man and the children, and keeps silent while the man talks about his day.
The woman mends torn clothing.
The woman sews new clothing.
The woman irons or presses all clothing requiring it.
The woman does all the grocery shopping—with or without a car.
The woman does all the shopping required for the children—clothes and school supplies.
The woman does anything else the man tells her to do.
The evening belongs to the man and the woman leaves him alone.
If the woman works outside the house, somehow she still has to manage the household chores.

There are many. Many more unspoken, unwritten rules that a jerk assumes are universal law.  I believe I subscribed to a majority of them.  More about that in my next post.

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