Saturday, May 30, 2009

What sign were you born under?

Tom Rush credits Judy Collins with saying, “If you remember the '60's, you weren't there.” Well, though I am most pleased that I have come to know Tom Rush through his music, his lyrics and his humor, I don't remember him from the '60's. I remember Judy. Where does that leave me? Well, like I've always said, I lived on the periphery of two cultures, remembering a little bit of both and not much of either. Actually, I do remember the '60's. I graduated from high school in 1964. I entered the seminary in the summer of 1964 and I joined the U.S. Army in 1965, then back into civilian life with an honorable discharge from the Army in February of 1969. Those were good years. I remember them well.

I remember in the 1970's I'd go to parties and people would ask, “What sign were you born under?” I remember the entry way to the old St. Mary's Hospital in Roswell, New Mexico where I was born in 1946. Arched over the entry way was a blue neon sign, “St. Mary's Hospitial.” Guess what I told people. Of course, I was born under a neon sign. And, by the way, Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr. was born there, as well, a mere three years earlier. You don't know Henry Deutschendorf? Surely you jest! Oh, wait, you know him as John Denver.

I didn't take astrology seriously back then. I do now. I have given you two items of information that will reveal who I am to you, if you understand astrology, and have a bit of intuition to boot. Actually, you need to know the date and time of my birth as well to have an accurate summary of me. How accurate is it? Well, the astrologer that read my chart was able to identify the big event I told you about in my last post. The big event being my experience in the Chiricahua Mountains. He was able to tell me about my relationship with my parents. He was able to help identify the issues that I currently face, and he was able to show me the issues that I need to resolve before I move on to another dimension. It all makes sense.

So why did I, a Libra, marry a Scorpio? If you compare our personality traits, we had no business getting married at all.

Let's start by proposing a scenario that some suggest as our cycle of life. We are immortal spirits seeking to mature. We mature by accepting “tests” in the physical life. We are born into this physical dimension. We live, we struggle, we are tested, succeed or fail, we die. We stand a review and decide if we want to continue to grow, or to just stay at our current level. If we chose to grow, we go back into the physical world.

So, in theory, I came into this life with a mission to learn certain things. To get into a life that would test and teach me, I selected a life path from the stars and planets. It is like buying a plane ticket. If I want to be in Chicago, I look at the airline schedules and select a flight that will get me to Chicago. So I selected the life path that starts from Roswell, New Mexico at 11:45 AM on September 28, 1946. Keep in mind, selecting this path gets me to the location, the rest is up to me to respond appropriately to the situations I encounter.

When you read my blog, you read about the journey I have chosen, and my responses, good and bad, right and wrong, to the situations set up for this particular “flight.”

The question remains, “Why did I marry a Scorpio?” Was our marriage a wrong choice for the mission I selected? I don't know. I'll ask the astrologer the next time we have a session together.
Be Peace. Be Love.

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